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saga_aday's Journal

~Saga A Day~
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Saga A Day; a Picture Community for Alice Nine's Bassist!
Welcome to saga_aday! :)

It is here that you will receive a daily dose of our favorite bassist, Saga from Alice Nine. At the moment the community is set so that only a mod can post but later that may change if we feel like there won't be too much random spamming going on. If you have a certain photo or photo shoot that you want to see please feel free to message your loving moderator and she will do her best to find it and post it for you. If there is a problem, message the same person and she will fix it (or die trying).

There is one simple rule here and that is that there will be absolutely no bashing of any kind tolerated. We are here to love Saga and that is all. If you don't love him, go somewhere else.

Thank you and have a lovely day ^.^

Please check out some of our affiliates for the rest of your daily needs:


If you'd like to join this list, feel free to send a message to your loving moderator and she'll be happy to consider it. ^.^

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